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I am a parent of three one with additional needs, have a full-time tutoring business, and have built a personal online magazine Murder Mayhem UK.

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Murder Mayhem UK

Murder Mayhem is my dedicated newsletter to Crime & History. If this is your interest you will love the mix of horrific, funny and heartwarming stories.

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Murder Mayhem UK

My Work

The Retribution Killer

Alyanna comes home and is brutally murdered in her apartment by a sadistic killer.

Ashley Walker, on her first day at work, is forced to find the killer and confront her past.

Is the retribution killer taunting her, or is this all in her mind? Unfortunately, she faces more questions than answers as the bodies pile up.

How many killers are there?

Will the killer ever be brought to justice?

Will she solve the murder that has haunted her for years?

Ultimately, the only question she wants to answer is how many people she will lose to catch this madman.

This crime/horror web novel will take you on a journey of twists and turns to a dramatic conclusion.

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As a parent and a writer, productivity can be my friend and enemy. Work smarter, not harder. This newsletter shares tips and tricks to help you move towards content creation and away from staring out of the window imagining a writer's life.


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